Grant Opportunities

Arts, Humanities, Environment, and Business

Broad Medical Research Program

Canadian studies conference grants

Fish and wildlife conservation

FIPSE: Fund for the Improvement of Postsecondary Education

Fulbright scholar programs

Humanities programs challenge grants

International peace and conflict resolution

Investor education and protection

Managed Derivatives Research

Non-fiction book publishing

Programs in invention, innovation, and entrepreneurship

US-European cooperation in higher and vocational education programs

Education & Sciences


Astronomy, chemistry, physics

Biological research collections

Chemistry and the life sciences

Drug abuse and addiction

Education, community and medicine/health

Emeritus faculty in chemical sciences and undergraduate researchers

Frailty in old age

Genome sequencing technologies

Grants for undergraduate and graduate students in the sciences and engineering

Hearing and balance

High risk research in anthropology

Improving science, technology, engineering and mathematics education

Interdisciplinary grants in mathematical sciences

Integrative Graduate Education and Research Traineeship Program (IGERT)

Macular degeneration



Plant genomics

Research associateship programs in federal laboratories

Research tools development

Summer chemistry programs

Support for young chemists

Teaching and research in chemical sciences

Undersea research

U.S. Geological Survey


Asian language study fellowships

Education postdoctoral fellowships

Environmental fellowships

Fellowships for careers in health science libraries

Jefferson Science Fellows

Minority fellowships in neuroscience

Pharmacology fellowships and grants

Research fellowships in Germany

Scientific Research fellowships in France

Senior International Peace Fellowships

Short-term fellowships in history archives

Supreme Court fellows program

Woodrow Wilson humanities fellowships


College Drinking Prevention