Possible NIH Financial Conflict of Interest (FCOI)

NIH PI's must disclose all known Significant Financial Interests that 1) would reasonably appear to be affected by the NIH research; and 2) in entities whose financial interests would reasonably appear to be affected by the research. NIH Pace Investigators need to determine what constitutes a reportable Financial Conflict of Interest (FCOI) by going to the NIH Conflict of Interest Policy Tutorial (http://www.grants.nih.gov/grants/policy/coi/tutorial2011/fcoi.htm and http://grants.nih.gov/archive/grants/policy/coi/tutorial/fcoi.pdf ) for additional information. After taking the tutorial, answer the following:

[   ] I have taken the NIH Conflict of Interest Tutorial

[   ] I have a reportable FCOI: Yes: _____ or No: _____ If yes, send the appropriate disclosure on a separate page, and forward it to:

Provost Uday Sukhatme (usukhatme@pace.edu) and Associate Provost Victor Goldsmith (vgoldsmith@pace.edu)  for review and determing if notification to NIH is required.