Post Award Procedures

Post Award Procedures and Finance and Administration Contacts As of August 2nd, 2006


Congratulations on Your Grant, Now What?

Congratulations on your recent grant award to further your research and enhance the academic experience of the students at PaceUniversity. You are now the Principal Investigator (PI)! 

This portion of the website developed by Finance and Administration covers numerous areas of PI responsibility with forms, instructions, and/or links to existing sites. If you are new to grant awards, you may not be aware of several procedures at PaceUniversitythat you need to follow. If you are an experienced grant recipient, perhaps the following will be of additional help to you as you administer your ongoing grant(s). 

1.         A grant account is then set up identified by a unique index number. The index number is used on all grant related transactions initiated by the PI.

Name of contacts:       Diane Bynum, Lurline Stewart and Annabel Ramos

E-mail addresses of contacts:,,

Extension of contact:  DB: 914-923-2282 LS: 914-923-2853 AR: 914-923-2849                                          


2.         Once the index number is assigned, the PI is given access to the account

                                      Name of contact:  Shuana Thompson

                                      E-mail address of contact:

  Extension of contact:  914-923-2751 

Special Instructions for PaceUniversity Faculty and Staff receiving a grant for the first time:

        New PI’s are encouraged to enroll and take SPARTA, Kronos and other Learn to Excel courses as needed in order to administer your grant.  Use the following link to learn more information about the Learn to Excel training courses

  page.cfm?doc_id=8544. You may also contact     the Training and Development department via telephone, at X22635, or by         E-mail, at                                    

Working with the College/School Budget Representatives – The College/School Budget Representative is the primary contact in each college/school for all financial and business matters within that college/school.  The Budget Representative will address questions on how to access information from the Banner system, issues over charges within the college/school, and is the main contact for travel reimbursement requests and capitol purchases (purchases over $1,000.00). 

Responsibilities of a Principal Investigator – The responsibility of a principal investigator is to manage the research or program being funded from an external source and to oversee the day-to-day business activities required by the grant. This will include numerous administrative responsibilities that may entail hiring staff, procuring goods and/or services, preparing reports (programmatic and financial), etc. This portion of the website developed by Finance and Administration covers numerous areas of responsibility with forms, instructions, and/or links to existing sites.  To give you a sense of what each category will include, a brief description and function of the different administrative areas covered are provided upon clicking on the appropriate link below: 

Working with the Departments of Finance and Administration


              Accounts Payable



              Purchasing and Contracts

              System Access

Working with Human Resources


American Express Corporate Card

Pace Procurement Card


Glossary of Terms


Working with the Departments of Finance and Administration

1.       Accounting - For the most part, your involvement with the Accounting staff will be limited to reporting on grant activities once the account numbers for your grant are established. On some occasions you may have to contact an individual in the Comptroller’s Office for assistance. The Finance and Administration website can be accessed through the Pace Intranet at home_finance.cfm. Once on the Finance and Administration homepage, the left hand side lists each of the Finance and Administration departments.  Click on the department you need to contact for more information. The Accounting website includes a list of the entire staff and indicates the individuals that should be contacted for specific accounts and purposes.

2.       Accounts Payable - This office reports to the Comptroller and is responsiblefor processing all payments to vendors. While most payments for goods and services are made from invoices that are generated through a purchase order process, there are situations that require the use of a special form, i.e., travel reimbursements or other special situations that would not generally require the issuance of a purchase order (i.e. professional dues, subscriptions etc.). At the aforementioned website under Forms all required forms and instructions for completion are available.

3.       Comptroller – The Comptroller of the University is responsible for theAccounting staff, Payroll staff, Accounts Payable staff, and Collections Office staff.  The Comptroller is primarily responsible for the preparation of the University’s annual financial statements that are audited by external auditors.  Among other responsibilities, the comptroller also prepares the A-133; a special audit of all federally funded programs.
Name of contact:  Narda Romero
E-mail address of contact: 
Extension of contact: 914-923-2865

4.       Payroll – The Payroll Office also reports to the Comptroller and is responsible for the processing of semi-monthly payroll to all faculty, staff, and students.  The University utilizes an electronic timesheet system, Kronos, for all staff and part-time workers. Individuals are entered into this system through Human Resources upon employment. While the Payroll Office is responsible for the issuance of checks (direct deposit for full-time faculty and staff) and can answer questions regarding amounts that are included in the net check (advice), any problems with individuals appearing on the wrong timecard or not appearing at all, should be directed to Human Resources (page.cfm?doc_id=6286).

5.       Purchasing and Contracts - This office is responsible for all procurement activities at the University and is also responsible for the management of contract workflow. Among the responsibilities of this office is eProcurement, bid procedures and management, RFPs (requests for proposals), and the purchasing card program. This department’s website is page.cfm?doc_id=4633. If you have any difficulty, you can visit the Finance and Administration website and click on Purchasing and Contracts. The University implemented the Higher Markets’ eProcurement system on July 1, 2004 and this has become the means by which all goods and services are obtained for departments and grant accounts. To receive access to the system training is required and this can be arranged through the Learn to Excel program. For further information you can certainly contact the Purchasing and Contracts Department. In addition to eProcurement, this department is also responsible for the issuance of purchasing cards, the application and required reporting is available on the Purchasing and Contracts Department website.

6.       System Access - If you are a first-time user of the University’s Banner system you will need to obtain training through the Learn to Excel Program before being provided access to the system.  If you are an experienced user and are now responsible for a new budget or grant, the new information will have to be added to your user profile by DoIT in order for you to conduct business. The DoIT HelpDesk, located at the following website,, can be accessed through Internet Explorer. Once there, you can enter your particular need and your request will receive prompt attention. 

Working with Human Resources – For more information, go to the Human Resources website at page.cfm?doc_id=6286

              1.  Compensation –                       

                          Contact:  Jim Marshall

                          E-mail address of contact: