Released Time

"Released Time Deadline for Fall 2014 is :
Monday, March 4, 2013, 5 p.m."


I would like to alert all of you to the seventeeth round of an exciting opportunity at Pace University, to encourage research by assisting in generating external funding. All Pace faculty are encouraged to apply. To date, Released Time faculty have generated over $3.0 million in grants to Pace University, as well as increased their own faculty salaries with grant funded summer salary. Also, receiving grant awards will certainly assist you in getting tenure and promotions. The past FY was the best year ever in number of external funding awards to Pace. You are invited to participate in this increasingly important aspect at Pace.  

In this new round of competitive proposals, for the Fall 2014 Semester, we have made two changes. First, all who apply and receive an award  for Released Time and are successful in their application for a grant, will be eligible to apply for another Released Time in the semester following receipt of the award. Second, and most importantly, to encourage proposal writing, Pace will be distributing 50% of the indirect in your awards budgets to your School, in addition, 5% of the total indirect will be given to the PI at the discretion of your Dean. The 5% can be used to advance your research (e.g., hire a student research assistant, purchasing a computer, attending a professional meeting, etc).

The Provost has made available funds for hiring a maximum of 10 adjunct replacements per Academic Year in order to provide one course “Released Time,” each, for up to 10 full-time faculty, to write and submit a proposal for external funding to a funding agency, foundation, or other.  Released Time awards will total approximately five for the Spring 2014 and five for the Fall 2014 semesters. The purpose is to provide “Released Time” in order to develop effective and successful research proposal submissions that would not have occurred without this support.  Pace Internal Funding proposals will not be considered for these Released Time Awards. This program will be administered by Associate Provost Victor Goldsmith, under the guidance of the Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs, and all inquiries should be directed to the Office of the Associate Provost.

A full Released Time application form may be accessed from the web site: Released Time Application . You may also access this, and other pertinent proposal information from the Pace homepage by clicking on A-Z tab, then "S" for "Sponsored Research."

Applications for Released Time must be submitted to Sponsored Research by the end of March 4th for the Fall 2014 semester by using the application form and following the instructions below. Award decisions will be made quickly after that. Previous funding success is not necessarily a criterion for receiving a Released Time award. We encourage you to send us your application, digitally, and also by the deadline with the Chair and Dean’s signature.

Faculty who wish to partake of this Released Time program must undertake a serious proposal effort for either a significant amount of money and/or act as a coordinator for a multi-investigator proposal, and be convincing on this in their application for Release Time. They must be prepared to use the Released Time for proposal preparation and writing, with a reasonable draft of the final proposal, including final budget, to be submitted to either the funding agency, or to the Associate Provost, by the end of the semester.  Since most agencies/foundations solicit proposals on an annual basis, the completed proposal does not have to be submitted to the agency during the Released Time semester.  However, by preparing the proposal early, the would-be grantee will enhance the chance of success by increasing contact with the granting agency, and by allowing sufficient time for the proposal to “cook.”  For those proposals not funded by either the granting agency or the foundation, it is understood that after receiving written comments, the proposer will make every effort to resubmit, where appropriate, either to the original agency/foundation, or to another one.  The Office of Associate Provost, including Edward Leight, Director of Sponsored Research Administration, can certainly help you with this. All feedback from the funding agency in response to the proposal submission should be reported to this Office, especially the comments of the proposal reviewers that are provided for all rejected federal grants.

Also, if needed, faculty should attend workshops on how to search for grant requests for proposals and proposal preparations, and assistance provided by Sponsored Research.  which our Office holds every semester, or undertake other such efforts as needed. We will be happy to help you with any proposal preparation questions.

The applications for Released Time will be evaluated and ranked by the university-wide committee, the “Research Advisory Council.”  This committee is composed of one representative each, chosen by the Deans, two Faculty Council representatives (the two Chairs of the Faculty Scholarly Research Committee), a representative of the Office of Philanthropy, the Director of Sponsored Research Administration, a representative of Finance & Administration and is chaired by the Associate Provost for Sponsored Research.

The current  membership of the “Research Advisory Council” consists of:

A. Deans Appointments:
Assistant Dean Jonathan Hill
Director, Special Program Admin, Seidenberg School of Computer Science and Information Systems; New York City

Sophie Kaufman
Executive Director - ALPS, College of Health Professions

Professor Surendra Kaushik
Department of Finance & Economics, Lubin School of Business; White Plains

Professor Andrew Lund
Law Instruction; School of Law; White Plains

Clarissa Cylich, Director, Budget & Contracts
School of Education; Pleasantville

Professor Grace Ray
Chair, Women's and Gender Studies Department; Dyson College of - Arts & Sciences; New York City

B. Faculty Council:
Professor Steven Goldleaf
Chairperson of Scholarly Research Committee, New York City; and
Department of English, Dyson College of Arts & Sciences; New York City

Professor Padma Kadiyala
Chairperson of Scholarly Research Committee, Westchester; and
Professor, Department of Finance; Lubin School of Business; Pleasantville

C. Development and Alumni Relations
Mark Godwin
Director, Corporate and Foundation Relations; New York City

D. Administration:
Edward Leight
Director, Sponsored Research Administration; Office of the Associate Provost for Sponsored Research and Economic Development; New York City

Diane Bynum
Grant Accounting Manager; Finance & Administration; Briarcliff

E. Chair
Dr. Victor Goldsmith
Associate Provost for Sponsored Research and Economic Development; New York City

It is also hoped that this committee will further encourage faculty research interaction with the Office of the Associate Provost for Sponsored Research and Economic Development and with funding agencies and foundations. This committee meets approximately twice/semester and calls upon the breadth of faculty experience and expertise to alert the Office as to new research trends in their areas, new research funding programs to investigate, and research needs of the faculty.  Similarly, the Associate Provost will seek guidance as to funding priorities and needed improvements in research-related services.  It is expected, however, that all Research Council members will join in helping the faculty with the Released Time Application, as well as with the grant process, especially new faculty, through mentoring and other activities. We therefore encourage the faculty and staff to seek out the committee members (listed above) as well as our office personnel (listed below). Most importantly, I look for your views on all of this, and any and all suggestions for maximizing our interaction in order to build upon the University’s history of research funding.

Our contact information:

Dr. Victor Goldsmith
Associate Provost, Sponsored Research and Economic Development
212-346-1277; 917-251-7000

Mr. Edward Leight
Director, Sponsored Research Administration
212-346-1741; 917-209-4724                                                                              

Mr. Eric Torres
Assistant Director, Sponsored Research and Economic Development
FAX (for all): 212-346-1116

Our office location is 163 William Street, 3rd Floor
However, our mailing address is:
1 Pace Plaza,
New York, NY 10038-1598

We are available to help you with the Released Time Application, or any outside funding proposal, by phone, email or by appointment in either New York City or Westchester. Edward Leight and I look forward to working with you on your Released Time, as well as assisting all of you in finding funding for your research and in processing future applications.

Dr. Victor Goldsmith
Associate Provost, Sponsored Research and Economic Development