NSSE: National Survey of Student Engagement 2013

The National Survey of Student Engagement was updated in 2013.  As some of the updates include major changes in questions as well as new questions, we are in the process of creating new reports to share the information with the Pace University community.

The survey was updated with four goals in mind:

  • Develop new measures related to effective teaching and learning;
  • Refine existing measures and scaled;
  • Improve the clarity and applicability of survey language; and
  • Update terminology to reflect curect educational contexts.

For additional information on the updates, please visit the NSSE site at http://nsse.iub.edu/nsse-update/


One of the major changes was a new list of Engagement Indicators which replace the Benchmarks of Effective Educational Practice from the previous surveys.  The following are the new Engagement Indicators:

  • Academic Challenge – Including Higher-Order Learning, Reflective and Integrative Learning, Quantitative Reasoning, and Learning Strategies
  • Learning with Peers – Including Collaborative Learning and Discussions with Diverse Others
  • Experiences with Faculty – Including Student-Faculty Interaction and Effective Teaching Practices
  • Campus Environment – Including Quality of Interactions and Supportive Environment
  • High-Impact Practices – Special undergraduate opportunities such as Service-Learning, Study Abroad, Research with Faculty, and Internships that have substantial positive effects on student learning and retention

To learn more about the transition from NSSE’s five Benchmarks to the ten new Engagement Indicators, see this document.