Presidential Learning Assessment Grant Winners

Presidential Learning Assessment Grant Winners

The Presidential Learning Assessment Grants were awarded between 2002 and 2006.


The Design and Initial Implementation of an Assessment Plan to Measure the Effectiveness of Learning Communities on Student Learning, Development and Persistence at Pace University, Adelia Williams, Associate Dean for Curriculum, Dyson College, Team Leader


Using E-Portfolios to Assess a Comprehensive Stuent Learning Experience at Pace University, Linda Anstendig, Professor of English/Communications, PLV, Team Leader

Discussion Board Versus Traditional Feedback-Seeking Channels: Learning Performance and Underlying Values, Alvin Hwang, Associate Professor of Management

Assessing Student Learning: Published Cases vs. Experience, Susanna Cahn, Associate Professor of Management/Management Science

Enhancing Student Learning and Critical Thinking Skills Via Computer Assisted Methods, Louise Gallagher and Donna Hallas, Lienhard School


Assessing the Impact of Special Discussion Groups on Student Achievement, Claire Berardini, Center for Academic Excellence

Assessing Honors College Students’ Learning and First Year Experience: E-Portfolios, Team Leaders: Janetta Benton and William Offutt, Honors College; Dhal Anglada and Jim Stenerson, Center for Teaching, Learning & Technology


Towards Model-Based Assessment and Improvement for Project-Centered Group Learning, Olly Gotel and Christelle Scharff

Individualism-Collectivism: Feedback-Seeking and Learning Performance in a Hybrid Environment, Alvin Hwang