Research Day

For details about Research Days and the various research abstracts click on the following links to download the Pace Research Days Booklet.

Pace-Wide Research Days 2015 Booklet.

Pace-Wide Research Days 2014 Booklet.

Pace-Wide Research Days 2013 Booklet.


At the suggestion of Provost Uday Sukhatme, the Office of Sponsored Research has organized three exciting Research days at PLV and NYC. These events highlight the increased importance of research and scholarship in all aspects of academic life at Pace. These include promotion and tenure considerations, applying for external funding to support the research, involving students in these exciting endeavors, bringing the latest cutting edge research into the classroom (i.e., ‘scholar teachers’).

Research Day typically involves over 200 scholarly participants, including authors, co-authors, and students, on both campuses. Much of this research is supported by external funding obtained competitively. Those who receive external funding are recognized by Pace on Research Day(s), and also receive 5% of the indirect costs in their awards to use to further their research. Awards are also given to those with the best Research Day presentations (after the event), as determined by the Faculty Research Day Review Committee, with representatives from each School.

Research Day involves all six Schools, with emphasis on the faculty, staff, and students. There are other Pace-Wide events such as the Annual Undergraduate Research Showcase by The Office of Student Success, which involve students partnering with faculty, and the Faculty Research Forum. Most of the individual School events emphasize undergraduate students such as Undergraduate Science Research Day and the Society of Fellows Research Day in the Dyson College of Arts and Sciences. Others include Nursing Scholarship Day in the College of Health Professions and the Michael L. Gargano Annual Student Faculty Research Day in the Seidenberg School of Computer Science (Friday May 2nd) and Information Systems. The Lubin School of Business participates in this Research Day, as do all the Schools.  Other events include The Helene and Grant Wilson Center for Social Entrepreneurship and the Pace Academy for Applied Environmental Studies. Thus, the Schools have a history of recognizing research and scholarship with an emphasis on student-faculty interaction. These Research Days are unique in that all the schools are represented in NYC and PLV at one time and in one place.

It is our hope that by bringing faculty and students from all the Schools together in one event, we will learn more of each other’s cutting edge research and scholarship at Pace.