University Assessment Committee Members

Ms. Barbara Pennipede Planning, Assessment & Institutional Research BR 22699
Dr. Lisa Bardill Moscaritolo Dean for Students, Westchester PLV 33351
Ms. Sarah Burns Feyl University Library PLV 33220
Ms. Rachel Carpenter Director, Student Development and Campus Activities PLV 33861
Dr. Christine Clayton School of Education PLV 33805
Ms. Andreea Cotoranu Seidenberg School of Computer Science & Information Systems PLV 33193
Ms. Joanne DeMarco College of Health Professions PLV 33340
Dr. Amy Foerster Sociology and Anthropology, Dyson College of Arts and Sciences PNY 11845
Mr. Edward Goralski Planning, Assessment & Institutional Research BR 22753
Ms. Noreen McGuire University Library PLV 33815
Ms. Phyllis Mooney Executive Director, Career Services PNY 11999
Dr. Randi Priluck Marketing, Lubin School of Business PNY 11712 
Ms. Mariajose Romero School of Education PLV 33979
Dr. John Stokes Psychology, Dyson College of Arts & Sciences PNY 11506
Mr. Andrew Stout Writing Center PLV 33949
Ms. Annjanet Woodburn School of Education PLV 33536