University Facts and Figures

Below you'll find Pace University's official enrollment figures, as reported to federal, state, and accrediting agencies:

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FTE (Full Time Equivalent) Students

A formula often used for calculating the number of Full Time Equivalent students at a postsecondary institution is full-time headcount + 1/3 part-time headcount. This calculation of FTE is the one requested by many external surveys, including US News & World Report. Using this formula, the FTE for Academic Year 2012/2013 is 10,101.

Other FTE formulas are used internally. The primary internal FTE calculation considers average credit load as well as differences in programmatic credit load requirements. Using this formula, the FTE for Academic Year 2012/2013 is 10,485

Finally, vendors and external organizations may require FTEs to be calculated according to their specifications. For more information about FTE, see the entry for "Calculation of FTE students" in the  Data Definitions

FTE is always calculated using fall census figures.