Vision and Mission


Pace University’s historic mission retains its central importance today: to provide high quality professional education and training coupled with an excellent liberal education to students for whom that education offers the opportunity to lift their lives and prospects to new levels.


Pace is a university dedicated to offering a wide array of programs of education for professions in demand, framed by the perspective and independent critical thinking that comes from an excellent liberal education. In selected areas in each school or center, Pace will offer professional programs that are among the best in the New York tri-state area. Pace will always seek to relate its programs of professional education to the most important currents in those professions, capitalizing on its location in and around New York City to offer students real-world experience through internships and co-operative work experiences, using community service as a learning tool and employing problem-solving and other teaching techniques that re-enforce the relationship between a student’s university experience and professional challenges and satisfactions.