New Literacies Webinar Series Bios

Francine Falk-Ross, PhD

Francine Falk-Ross is a professor and coordinator of Literacy Education programs at Pace University in New York, where she teaches courses on literacy topics to preservice and practicing teachers, including a class in middle grades reading methods.  Dr. Falk-Ross's presentations and publications have been on research and classroom applications for introducing teachers to uses of innovative writing (journaling and narrative essays) and literacy (visual, technological, and print literacy) activities that can be used in lessons to support vocabulary learning, content area instruction, and reading comprehension. Her articles, book, and book chapters on literacy education issues have been published in peer-reviewed publications such as Pearson Allyn & Bacon, Research in the Teaching of English, and Journal of Adolescent and Adult Literacy, among others.



Peter McDermott, PhD

Peter McDermott is a Professor of Education at Pace University where he currently teaches graduate courses in literacy education. He is a graduate of SUNY-Albany where he completed his dissertation in literacy education. He is an active member of the The Reading Teacher’s Review Board, which is one of the most widely read education journals today. He is regular presenter at national and regional educational conferences such as the American Educational Research Association, the New England and Northeastern educational research associations, the International Reading Association, the New York State Reading Association and the Ethnography and Urban Education Research Conference. He is the current President of the New York State Reading Association.

Dr. McDermott has extensive international education experience: He is a former Fulbright Scholar to Bosnia-Herzegovina where he taught democratic approaches to teaching and learning. During a five-year period he traveled and taught constructivist approaches to classroom teaching in Kazakhstan for the Open Society Institute/International Reading Association’s Reading/Writing and Critical Thinking (RWCT) project. He taught for UNESCO and the International Reading Association’s Diagnostic Reading Project in Tanzania, and he taught civic education in Samara, Russia.

He has special teaching and research interests in urban education and the new literacies. The topics in these webinars generate from those interests.