Advanced Certificate in Teaching (Adolescent)

Candidates who already hold a master's degree or advanced degree who choose not to pursue another graduate degree may opt for the Advanced Certificate instead of the MST. Individuals without a master's degree who seek adolescent certification prior to completing the MST must meet the requirements for the Advanced Certificate and file for the "certificate en route to the master's degree" with the Registrar's Office. The Advanced Certificare requires 11 credits of course work and a supervised student-teaching or internship experience (27 total credits).

The Advanced Certificate to for students who:

  • Have 30 credits (graduate or undergraduate) in the content area to be taught
  • Have already earned a graduate degree
  • Require an accelerated program to meet career or position goals.

Candidates seeking adolescent teacher certification who hold a master’s or other advanced degree related to the teaching discipline may opt for the 27-credit Advanced Certificate in Teaching (Adolescent) program.   Upon completion of the program, candidates are eligible for the Initial Teaching Certificate in Adolescent Education, grades 7-12, in the applicable subject area(s).   All admissions requirements outlined in the MST Program Overview apply to the Advanced Certificate program as well.

The Advanced Certificate in Teaching program provides a sound foundation for candidates who want to teach but do not have an undergraduate degree in education.  Every Advanced Certificate candidate enrolled in our program is challenged to reflect on his or her prior notions of schools, classrooms, teaching and learning.  Differentiated instruction is emphasized and technology is incorporated into all aspects of the program.  Candidates exit the program with the pedagogical knowledge, skills and dispositions necessary to become a successful classroom teacher.
Please see program curriculum below and click here for more information about fieldwork and student teaching requirements.
Core Courses (12 credits)
ED 630     Human Development in the School Context  (3 credits)
ED 631     Educational Psychology (3)
ED 632     Language, Meaning and the Development of Global Perspectives in Diverse Schools (3)
ED 633     Foundations of Education (3)
Methods    (9 credits)
ED 640*     Secondary Methods: Learning to Teach (3)
ED 641-   Secondary Methods: Making Content Meaningful (3)
ED 656     Literacy in the Content Area (3)
Capstone Experience    (6 credits)
ED 692    Student Teaching in the Adolescent Classroom or Teaching Internship (6)

Total Credits: 27

* Note: ED 640 is a prerequisite for any Methods course. Because Methods courses are generally offered in the spring semester, you must be certain to plan your progress through the certificate program to include ED 640 before you register for any Methods courses.

Courses listed above are not necessarily taken sequentially and all Advanced Certificate candidates are strongly encouraged not to self advise.  Doing so will likely result in a delay in completing your program.  Instead, candidates should meet with their faculty advisor or the Director of Student Support Services to plan their program. Click here for a copy of your Program Worksheets, (Westchester or New York City).