Fieldwork and Student Teaching Requirements

Fieldwork in grades 7-12 classroom settings is a requirement of the program.  This experience provides opportunities for candidates to apply theory to practice.   Advanced Certificate candidates must complete a minimum of 15 hours of fieldwork for each education course taken in a given semester. A list of schools that welcome SOE candidates to do fieldwork will be distributed in each course at the beginning of the semester.  Candidates should consult with their professors and/or faculty advisor before observing in a school.  Fieldwork must be completed at the level in which the candidate seeks certification. Thus, candidates seeking adolescent certification must complete fieldwork in a middle or high school setting, grades 7-12.

Student teaching is a one-semester, full-time commitment, typically completed at the end of the candidate’s program.  Student teaching is a supervised experience in a local school setting, completed during normal school hours, in the fall or spring semester.  The Office of School Partnerships will make all student teaching placements.  Candidates must complete the student teaching requirement and a Program Portfolio to be eligible for the Advanced Certificate and recommendation for the Initial Teaching Certificate.