The New York State Education Department’s Office of Teaching Initiatives has created an online system for colleges and universities to recommend candidates for certification. The system also allows candidates who have completed an approved teaching program to apply for certification. The system is made up of two parts:

A. Submission of required documentation to the recommending institution (Pace University)

B. An online application

As a candidates seeking a teaching certificate, your recommendation for New York State certification from the University will require you to submit several documents to the Pace School of Education office. (If you have already submitted these documents, please note so on the certification checklist.) All candidates must submit:
  1. Checklist for Certification
  2. Certificate of the Child Abuse Prevention Workshop
  3. Certificate of the Violence Prevention Workshop
  4. LAST: a photocopy of your LAST score report
  5. ATS-W: a photocopy of your ATS-W scores
  6. CST: a photocopy of your LAST score report
Please submit these materials to:
Ms. Donna DeAngelo or Ms. Maria DiSavino
School of Education, Buchsbaum House
861 Bedford Road
Pleasantville, NY 10570
In order to apply online you must create a TEACH login and password at the New York State Directory Services. Instructions are provided as you go through the self-registration process. To self-register and login to TEACH go to and follow the instructions provided.
Remember to click “done” after each step.
Select Profile Links
This page is where you will enter personal information, educational history, teaching position, and information about your current program at Pace.Select
Personal Information
Enter all personal information; make sure to click “save” or “add.”
Select Education Information
  1. Choose “All Other Programs and Coursework”
  2. Enter the requested information for your undergraduate degree (for the college that granted your undergraduate degree). Click “save” or “add.”
  3. If you have additional coursework or degrees, you will again select “All Other Programs and Coursework”; enter the information for these other degrees/coursework (each institution must have a separate entry).
When you have entered all prior coursework/degrees, you must then enter information about the current Pace program. To do this, you must choose “Approved New Your State Certification Programs: Select this radio button if you completed a New York State institution that leads to a recommendation for a teaching certificate.”
There is specific information that you must know and enter in this section in order to assure that your application is correctly processed. The responses you must enter are indicated below for each of the prompts:


Institution Name:
Pace University – Pleasantville
Award Title:
The degree completed at Pace.  Bachelor of Arts (BA) for undergraduates OR Masters of Science for Teachers (MST) OR Master of Science in Education (MSED) OR Advanced Certificate
Program Title/code:
Education (for Childhood candidates); Subject area (for Adolescent candidates)
Date Degree Received:
Date graduated on transcript
Attended From:
Attended To:
Number of Credits Earned:


Select Employment Information
Enter employment information.
Return to the “TEACH Home” page and click on “Online Application".
Select “Apply for Certificate”
Click “next.”
You will need to complete the chart “Select Your Certificate Title,” by using the series of five drop-down selections to choose the title and type of teaching certificate for which you will apply. The selections differ depending on program and certification area. Please find your certification area below**, and make the indicated selections.  If applicable, you can apply for more than one certificate.  (Candidates of the combined degree program will request two certificates, i.e.:  Childhood Education and Students with Disabilities Grades 1-6, Biology 7-12 and Literacy 5-12.)
*Note: some of the selections you will make are not intuitive; it is imperative that you make the correct selections.
The cost for each certificate is $50. When you have completed the online application process, you will be asked to enter a credit card to pay for the certification OR to print-out a payment voucher. You can either pay online or print out the voucher and mail in your voucher and payment.
If you have problems with the online application, you need to contact the TEACH Technical support by telephone Monday-Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 6:30 p.m. at (518) 486-6041 or via email at

If you have other questions about certification or this process, please contact Ms. Karen Ferro at (914) 773-3872.