Westchester Program Title/Codes

Undergraduates—Bachelor of Arts
23948—Childhood Education
23955—Teaching Adolescents Biology
23954—Teaching Adolescents Chemistry
23953—Teaching Adolescents English
23966—Teaching Adolescents Italian
23950—Teaching Adolescent Mathematics
23956—Teaching Adolescent Physics
23951—Teaching Adolescents Spanish
23969—Teaching Adolescents Earth Science
23949—Teaching Adolescents Social Studies

Combined Degree—Bachelor of Arts and Master of Science in Education (BA/MSED)
23957—Early Middle Childhood and Special Need (This is the Childhood Education program title at the State)
23958—Teaching Adolescents Biology
23959—Teaching Adolescents Chemistry
23964—Teaching Adolescents English
23967—Teaching Adolescents Italian
23960—Teaching Adolescent Mathematics
28400—Teaching Adolescent Physics
23961—Teaching Adolescents Spanish
23971—Teaching Adolescents Earth Science
23963—Teaching Adolescents Social Studies

Graduates—Master of Science for Teachers
24506—Teaching Children (Childhood Education)
24507—Teaching Adolescents
26214—Teaching Visual Arts Education
26215—Teaching Business and Marketing Education
35814—Inclusive Adolescent Education
36521—Teaching English To Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)
36842—Adolescent General Education


Combined Degree—Bachelor of Arts and Master of Science for Teachers (BA/MST)
33542—Adolescent Education/Biology – BA
33543—Adolescent Education/English – BA
33544—Adolescent Education/Mathematics – BA
33545—Adolescent Education/Social Studies – BA
33546—Adolescent Education/Spanish – BA

Graduates—Master of Science in Education
24584—Educational Technology Specialist
24585—Literacy Specialist
24580—Teaching Students with Disabilities
33228—Educational Leadership – School District Business Leader
33206—Educational Leadership – School District Business Leader/Public Administration
33522—TESOL—Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages

Graduate—Advanced Certificate (Certificate of Advanced Graduate Studies)
24583—Educational Technology Specialist
31032—Special Ed—Teaching Adolescent Students with Disabilities
32308—Special Education—Teaching Childhood Student with Disabilities
34191—Literacy Specialist
36522—Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)
35501---Integrated Instruction for Technology
35292---Integrated Instruction for Literacy and Technology
26628---Teaching Adolescents (Internship)
36805---Advanced Certificate in Bilingual Education