Undergraduate Programs (BA)

Pace’s undergraduate education programs are offered in the following specializations: 

Childhood Program


Childhood Program (BA)

Leads to the Initial Teaching Certificate in
Childhood Education, Grades 1-6 
  • Westchester Campus
  • New York City Campus

Adolescent Program (BA)

Leads to the Initial Teaching Certificate in
Adolescent Education, Grades 7-12 
  • Westchester Campus
  • New York City Campus
Pace’s School of Education undergraduate programs are designed to prepare individuals to become classroom teachers or specialists in speech or language disabilities. Our programs make teaching and learning the highest priority and provide teacher candidates with extensive opportunities to do fieldwork in public schools. Our nationally-recognized and accredited programs feature:
  • Opportunities for teacher candidates to gain the prerequisite skills and proficiencies needed to become effective teachers and empowered citizens;
  • Ongoing instruction in the use of technology skills for personal, classroom, and community use;
  • Breadth and depth of content knowledge for both personal enrichment, pre-professional development, and social/cultural enlightenment;
  • A systematic knowledge base about how children and adolescents develop and learn;
  • The knowledge and skills needed to promote the safety of all students within the school and community;
  • Experiences in the classroom, community, and other settings that model meaningful, relevant, and effective teaching and learning.