Delany Center for Educational Enrichment

The Delany Center for Educational Enrichment, a division of the School of Education at Pace University, is a full-service educational enhancement provider specializing in reading, writing, and literacy. Conveniently located at Pace University’s White Plains Campus, the Delany Center is staffed by certified reading and ESL teachers, and has been providing literacy instruction for more than 40 years.


"One of the most satisfying experiences at the Center for Literacy Enrichment is to see children find the excitement in

books and realize that reading can be fun! Children are very talented individuals. Some need to be challenged, and

others require more support. At the Center for Literacy Enrichment, we look at each child as an individual, plan for that

student, and encourage that child to perform to his or her optimal level.”

                          Sister St. John Delany, Ph.D.
                          The Delany Center for Educational Enrichment

The students at the Delany Center for Educational Enrichment are evaluated and programs are designed to meet their individual needs. Instruction to improve reading skills is provided in small groups or in private sessions to elementary and high school students – both U.S. and foreign-born. The program emphasizes a skills-based approach with an emphasis on literature. Parents will be delighted with the achievement of their sons and daughters in reading and writing. 
We take a practical approach to literacy education as students become familiar with every day general expressions as well as the specific kinds of communication needed in carrying out their day-to-day living and work.
Intergenerational English as a Second Language Programs
Parents and their children participate in small groups as they learn about the literacy materials their child uses in school or which they should be using with their child to develop language, reading, and writing skills. This program reinforces literacy skills for parents and children at home and at the Delany Center.
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