New Exams for Initial New York State Teacher Certification

As you are well aware, New York State is in the process of changing its teacher certification exams and requirements.

Students graduating May 1, 2014 and after will be required to pass the following new exams:

  • the Teacher Performance Assessment (EdTPA)
  • the Educating All Students Test (EAS)
  • Academic Literacy Skills test (ALST)
  • Content Specialty Test (CST) (depending on your area of concentration)

The new exams became available in September 2013. Students graduating May 1, 2014 and after should not take the LAST exam or the ATS‑W; these tests will NOT count toward certification.

Graduates as of May 1, 2014 and after will also be required to pass the Content Specialty Test (CST). New Content Specialty Tests will begin to roll out in Spring 2014. Until then, the old CSTs will continue to be offered. Students who do not pass the Content Specialty Test (CST) prior to implementation of the new and more rigorous CST will have to pass the new CST. The School of Education strongly encourages all students to take the CST prior to this changeover.


The EdTPA involves submitting video clips of your teaching, as well as lesson plans and other material. There will be different EdTPAs for different certification areas. If you are in a dual certificate program, you need to take only one EdTPA, not two. You may choose, after consultation with your advisor, which of the two you will do.

If you are in an extension program, you do not need to take the EdTPA in the content area of the extension. However, if you do not have initial NYSED certification, you must complete the EdTPA for your initial NYSED certification. For example, if you are in the bilingual childhood education program, you will complete the EdTPA in childhood education.

If you hold initial or professional certification as a teacher in New York State and are in the process of getting a second certification, NYSED does not require you to take the edTPA in the second certification area.

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