Commencement 2014

The week of May 19 was one filled with celebrations of our candidates’ many achievements and accomplishments during

Photos/Dave Gershgorn for The Journal News

their studies at the Pace University School of Education.   All week, and across two campuses, we celebrated our candidates for their academic and professional excellence.

In New York, more than 100 students, families and honored guests joined SOE faculty and staff for a pre-commencement awards reception on May 20. As the department celebrated our candidates becoming graduates, New York City Department Chair Brian Evans share that characteristics that have led to their success in graduate study are those very same that make a great teacher: persistence, confidence, self-efficacy, and content knowledge. He encouraged our graduates to continually reflect on their practice and success. “Ask yourself ‘how can my experience inform my teaching? How can my success translate into my students’ success?” he said. Finally he left students with the words of the ancient greek philosopher Aristotle, “’Those who know, do. Those that understand, teach.’”

On May 21, Dr. Evans served as a Faculty Marshal for the Undergraduate Commencement that morning, while the School of Education’s Beth Kava was a Faculty Marshal for the Graduate Commencement in the afternoon. Both ceremonies took place at The Theater at Madison Square Garden.

Undergraduate and graduate candidates were celebrated in an evening of pre-commencement awards in Pleasantville on May 22. Candidates, family and friends gathered to celebrate our graduates, with awards and a light reception. Beloved faculty members Professor Beth Kava and Sr. St. John Delany, PhD, were honored on the occasion of their retirement, and shared kind words of encouragement with our graduates.

In her remarks, Dean Spencer offered graduates a 21st centruy update to the "3 R's"  - reading, writing and 'rithmetic-to include rigor, relevance and relationships. "Know your content and pedagogy and know it well," she said. Further, educators should connect content and skills they teach to the real world and take time to learn about the strengths and struggles of students to best motivate and enrich their learning.

The week ended on May 23, students gathered to dress in their robes, cords and medals in the Willcox Gym, while faculty robed in the library. Xiao-Lei Wang, PhD, represented the School of Education as a Faculty Marshal. During the ceremony, Joan Kass received the Teaching Excellence Award for Part-Time Faculty. Although an overcast morning, our graduates were beaming. 

Click here for photos from the New York City Pre-Commencement Celebration

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Click here for photos from the Westchester Undergraduate Commencement


New York City Awards

University Awards

Outstanding Graduate Student   Lisa O’Toole

Departmental Awards

Dr. Rita G. Silverman Spirit Award   Kevin Kane

Outstanding Achievement in the Study of Teaching (Traditional Program)

  • Adolescent Program   Patrick Crotty
  • Childhood Program   Stavroula Protonentis

Outstanding Achievement in the Study of Teaching (Alternative Certification)

  • Adolescent Program   Kareem Hagazi
  • Childhood/Special Education Program   Cristal DeLeon


Early Childhood Education Award   Yocheved Sussman

Dr. Sandra G. Flank Educational Technology Award   Jaime Krinsky

Outstanding Achievement in the Study of Special Education   Kathleen Matysik

Kappa Delta Pi Award   Candice Batson


Pleasantville Awards

University Awards  

Undergraduate Student Scholastic Achievement   Elaina B. Katz

Outstanding Graduate Student   Catherine C. Flores

Co-op and Career Services Award   Heather A. Szarka


Departmental Awards  

Outstanding Undergraduate   Alexander J. Lengers

Master of Science for Teachers Childhood Education   Jaime R. Chervin

Master of Science for Teachers Adolescent Education   Tatiana N. Dyakina

Childhood Special Education   Erin K. Bloom

Adolescent Special Education   Sara E. Hutton

Literacy   Elston A. Craver

Spirit of Pace Award   Nora Rugvoa

Teacher as Researcher Award   Melissa Silva & Robert Thmpson

Pace Partnership Award   Nadia Papa & Jaime Rubino, Teachers, The JFK Magnet School, Port Chester, New York