Dean's End of Year Message (2011)

By Dean Andrea (Penny) Spencer, Ph.D.,

Dear Colleagues, Students and Friends:

In looking back on my first year as Dean of the School of Education, I want to first congratulate our graduates as well as the faculty and staff who have taught, counseled, guided and supported them through the first phase of becoming a teacher or educational leader. While we recognize that the process of becoming an educator is a long one, we look forward with you to the challenges, the frustrations, and the laughter and the moments of satisfaction that come with “aha!” moments for both teachers and students.

We have many accomplishments to celebrate together at this time of the year.  Here are just a few:

         The School of Education has recommended graduate and undergraduate students who have successfully completed their programs of study at New York and Pleasantville Campuses for over 1,033 New York State certifications;

·         Our faculty have contributed to the field through more than sixty professional publications and presentations. We have brought inquiry-based learning to widely-dispersed school districts from New York City to Westchester County;

·         We have received national recognition and approval for five of our educational programs from specialized professional associations in preparation  for our NCATE Accreditation visit in the fall

·         The School of Education was awarded a $1.5 million grant by the U.S. Department of Education to design and implement an innovative and inclusive special education program. Four additional grants are pending;

·         The Pace University School of Education will be the first in the Northeast to begin incorporating the use of avatars as a part of its teacher preparation programs in New York and Westchester; and,

·         A Google advertising campaign led to 667,304 hits on the Pace School of Education site and we have launched our first-ever social networking sites including Facebook, Linked-in, and Twitter.

Even as we are taking a moment to reflect, faculty and staff are poised to welcome new and returning students to 2011 summer sessions. As we look outward, we see many challenges ahead, but with the energy, enthusiasm and expertise that are a hallmark of the School of Education, I know that together we will continue to work toward our mission –preparing and supporting agents of change committed to student success and lifelong learning.

Best wishes for a great summer and an exciting new year!