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The Digital Commons @ Pace is a repository for scholarly publications and research, and is a service of the Pace University libraries. Research and scholarly output included on the Digital Commons have been selected and deposited by the individual university departments and centers on campus.

Click on the links below to access School of Education work and topics on the Digital Commons. You'll find research, supplementary material and lesson plans on various Education topics.

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School of Education on the Pace Digital Commons
Art Education
Works (2)
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Bilingual, Multilingual,
and Multicultural Education
Works (20)
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Curriculum and Instruction
Works (25)
Authors (23)
Curriculum and
Social Inquiry
Works (1)
Authors (2)
Disability and
Equity in Education
Works (3)
Authors (2)
Educational Administration and Supervision
Sub-disciplines (5)
Works (5)
Authors (5)
Educational Assessment, Evaluation, and Research
Works (15)
Authors (15)
Educational Psychology
Works (2)
Authors (1)
Instructional Media Design
Works (22)
Authors (21)
Other Education
Works (25)
Authors (30)
Science and Mathematics Education
Works (6)
Authors (7)
Social and Philosophical Foundations of Education
Works (1)
Authors (1)
Special Education and Teaching
Works (5)
Authors (4)
Student Counseling and Personnel Services
Works (1)
Authors (1)
Teacher Education and Professional Development
Sub-disciplines (3)
Works (25)
Authors (24)



Lesson Plans (Teacher Education and Professional Development):

Grade 6-8 Living Things
Science, Theresa Gomez PDF

Grades 6-8 Ecology
Science, Jessica Williams PDF

Grade 7 Native Americans
Social Studies, Bryan Fierson PDF

Grades 9-10 Algebra: Graphic Quadratics on the Coordinate Plane
Math, Michelle Darcy PDF

Grade 9-10 Spanish food and cooking
World Languages, Montsernat Ballina Llosa PDF

Grades 9-12 Earth Science
Science, Katie Whittaker PDF