Entry, Progression, and Fieldwork & Student Teaching

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Entry Into the School of Education

All undergraduate students accepted to Pace who have designated an interest in either the Childhood or Adolescent Education programs are called “Pre-Teach” students. During the Pre-Teach phase, students take the following required courses:

  • UNV 101: Introduction to the Pace Community
  • TCH 111: Professional Seminar
  • TCH 211A: Professional Seminar – Keeping Children Safe
  • TCH 211B: Professional Seminar III
  • TCH 201: Understanding Schools

Before students progress to the Teach phase of the program, they must apply for admission to the School of Education – typically during the second semester of their sophomore year. Once the student has progressed to the Teach phase of the program, they become a teaching candidate.


Progressing Through the School of Education

Candidates who progress to the Teach phase of the program are required to remain in good academic standing (overall QPA of 3.0, grade of B or better in education courses, and QPA of 3.0 in academic major/concentration courses). In addition, candidates are expected to exhibit professional behaviors and dispositions both in and out of the classroom. The School of Education believes that all future teachers should take their academic experience seriously. To assist with student success, we offer a variety of academic support services:

  • Center of Academic Excellence
  • Tutoring Center
  • Writing Center


Study Abroad

Learn more about Study Abroad options here.


Fieldwork and Student Teaching

In the first semester of the sophomore year, Adolescent Education students are assigned to do fieldwork for one half-day per week in a local public elementary school. Fieldwork is limited to observation of good teaching, with course assignments in TCH 201 linked to the public school fieldwork. Once candidates have progressed to the Teach phase of the program, they are assigned to a specific middle or high school, called the Center for Professional Development (CPD), where they will remain throughout the completion of the BA degree, and sometimes the MSEd, if they opt for the five-year combined degree program. As candidates progress through the program, they spend an increasing amount of time each semester in their CPD, culminating in a full-time student teaching experience at the end of the program.

Student Teaching  is the culminating experience for School of Education programs. All certification and coursework should be completed prior to commencing Student Teaching. Please be sure to complete your fingerprinting and certification workshops (child abuse; school violence prevention; and harassment, bullying and discrimination prevention) prior to beginning your student teaching experience.

Student Teaching Portfolio Requirement
All candidates must successfully complete a portfolio as part of the teacher preparation program. The portfolio requirements will be introduced to candidates early in the program, and the portfolio itself will be due prior to graduation.


Please see our Policies and Procedures for more information on our expectations for student performance and professional standards as you enter into the field of education.