Rethinking STEM-D Education: Innovative Practices from the Field

Thursday, May 15
Pace Graduate Center
One Martine Avenue, White Plains, New York

Inspired Science, Technology, Engineering, Math and Design (STEM-D) instruction from colleagues and researchers in the classroom and other educational settings. This one-day conference was the result of a unique collaboration by the Pace University School of  Education, The Lower Hudson Teacher Center Network, The New York Technology Educators Network, Southern Westchester BOCES, and  The Lower Hudson Regional Information Center.



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Press Coverage & Media Resources

5.19.2014 - Huffington Post  So, What Good Questions Have You Asked Today?  Blogger Vicki Cobb refelcts on her experience as a keynote speaker during the Rethinking STEM-D Conference.



  • Stephen Jacobs, Associate Director of the Rochester Institute of Technology’s new MAGIC Center and its Technological Literacy Lab, will present “Games for Learning & Education: A Historical Look Back, A Survey of Today’s Landscape and Predictions for the Future That Will Be Proven Wrong Later.”
  • Gameplay has always been a key component of learning.  Many board games from the mid 1800s were developed to teach moral and ethical principles to the player, and later became vehicles for teaching reading writing and arithmetic.  Video games have matured from simple drillware (digital workbooks) to deep educational videos, and are finding use in classrooms, even some that were intended as entertainment games.  Recently, we have seen greater interest in gamification of education and learning programs and software. This presentation will examine the long and winding road games for learning and education have taken and how they might evolve in the future.
  • Video - Games for Learning & Education...Keynote Address (iTunes)
  • Presentation - Games for Learning & Education... (PDF)




Workshop Breakout Sessions: Presentations, Multimedia & Related Materials

Educators and researchers from Westchester, the lower Hudson Valley and New York City will present their teaching strategies on a variety of STEM-D topics including robotics, Scratch programming, lunar rover design, roller coaster physics, MaKey MaKey, 3D printing, game design, digital design lab, MakerSpace, and nature and science for young children.

Unless otherwise noted, the presentations, worksheets and other handouts are the original work of our presenters and have been shared here in the interest of sharing best practices and academic advancement.


Game Design: A STEM-D Practice

Science That’s Fun to Read and Teach – A Panel Discussion with “Beamed-In” Authors

  • Vicki Cobb, Keynote Speaker and author of more than 85 books about science for K-8; David M. Schwartz, the author of How Much Is a Million? and more than 50 books about math and science for children and a popular speaker at schools and education conferences; Carla Killough McClafferty, writer of biographies with a science twist; and Alexandra Siy, author and photographer, who wants to put an A for art into STEM, turning STEM into STEAM.
  • Grades: Elementary, Middle & High School
  • Video

Sharing Nature and Science Curriculum Everyday: Calling All Primary Educators

Let’s Go For A Ride! Design a Lunar Buggy

  • Donna Minafra, Middle School Science Teacher; Marion Kieltyka, Science Coordinator K-8, Convent of the Sacred Heart, Greenwich, Connecticut.
  • Grades: Elementary
  • Handouts (PDF)







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