Charlie Link, BA Earth Science and Adolescent Education

Charlie Link, BA Earth Science and Adolescent Education

For Charlie Link, a junior Adolescent Education candidate, a lifelong interest in meteorology has become a dedication to teaching science, particularly Earth Science.  “I’ve always been fascinated by space and Earth in general,” he says.

Pace was the place for his future.  “My classes have really engaged me and my love for teaching,” Link says. He is in the classroom one day per week and has observed at Briarcliff High School and Woodlands Middle School. Since beginning his studies and observations, the most surprising aspect of teaching, he says, is “how much detail and planning it takes to put lessons together.”

It is work he is eager to immerse himself into, and connect to ongoing new discoveries in science. While the basics remain the same, he says “there is always something new,” like groundbreaking satellite photos from faraway planets that will excite students. “I really think ‘this is happening in your lifetime, the last time something like this happened was when your parents were young.’ I think that will really keep students engaged,” Link says.

Link, a Poughkeepsie native, resides on the Westchester campus where he is active in campus leadership as a member of the Student Government Association executive board. He is serving as Vice President of Judicial & Compliance for the 2012-2013 school year, a position of great responsibility, requiring great exhibition of ethics and integrity for student organization governance and interfacing with faculty members.

"Student Government has taught me so much about responsibility and time management, which I feel are essential to teaching,” he says. “Specifically for my first year of teaching, being able to manage my time to create lesson plans and test."