Soonhyang Kim

Soonhyang Kim, PhD
Associate Professor
Phone: (914) 773-3257

  • PhD, The Ohio State University
  • MA, Murray State University
  • BA, Seoul National University of Science and Technology, Seoul, Korea
Courses Taught
  • ED 551: Theory and Practice of TESOL/Bilingual Education
  • ED 632: Languages, Meaning and Development of Global Perspectives
  • ED 650:  Research & Theory in Developing Literacy
  • ED 690: Teacher as a Researcher
  • TCH 351: Foundations of Bilingual Education
Research Interests

English language learning; second language (L2) teacher education; second language learners’ oral classroom participation, non-native English-speaking professional issues; computer-mediated communication in teaching and learning, program assessment.

Addressing professional dispositions of ESL and content teachers of ELLs:  How can teacher preparation programs prepare candidates to develop dispositions of responsibility for teaching culturally and linguistically diverse students? How can teacher preparation programs develop skills in teaching culturally and linguistically diverse students? Is cultural-narrative-incorporated-instruction and critical incidence approach effective in educating pre- and in-service teachers to work with culturally and linguistically diverse students?

Selected Publications, Presentations & Activities

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  • Kim, S., Ates, B., Grigsby, Y., & Lee, G. (2013). Incorporating our own cultural narratives in TESOL education: A reflective team approach by four TESOL  educators. International Journal of Education and Culture, 2 (3), 177-194.
  • Kim, S., Grigsby, Y., & Micek, T. (2013). Addressing professional dispositions for teaching P-12 English language learners: Why, when, and how. International Journal of TESOL and Learning,2(2), 65-80.
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