Fred & Laurie Ende Story

Fred has been teaching 8th grade science at Seven Bridges Middle School for the past 10 years and recently accepted a new position as Regional Science Coordinator for Northern Putnam/Northern Westchester Boces of Yorktown effective Aug. 1st, and Laurie has taught 3rd grade at Douglas Grafflin Elementary school in Chappaqua for four years.

While both Fred and Laurie are demonstrating success in their current positions, they still find valuable and useful the methods, skills and practices taught to them by School of Education professors during their collegiate days.

“The MSED program was really neat because the focus was on using new technology in the classroom such as online simulations, using websites effectively and physical structures of networking,” Fred stated. “The professors really opened my eyes with some of their teaching styles and I’ve used some of the methods I learned in my classroom and it has also helped me play more roles effectively as a member of a technology team as well.”

In their spare time, Fred and Laurie enjoy spending time in the kitchen cooking and they flirted back and forth with an idea to save on kitchen clutter from the various cooking utensils by developing an all-in-one spatula.  At first it was just a playful thought, but then Fred read about a company in the New York Times called Quirky, which is a company who solicits ideas for new inventions and products and proceed with the production of the products based on user votes and backing on their website (

Fred then submitted their spatula idea-now called Click ‘N’ Cook- on Quirky, received the proper amount of votes necessary to go into the production stages, and now their idea has come to fruition as Click ‘N’ Cook hit the market in January of this year. 

“People always have ideas but never have the time to materialize them so is a way to get your idea out and have it produced if enough people say they’ll buy it if you create it,” Fred said. “It took about a year for them to work on it but it’s amazing to see our product in stores like Bed, Bath & Beyond and on the Home Shopping Network which we were actually guests on demonstrating the Click ‘N’ Cook when it debuted.”