Why Education? Why Pace?

“Many other schools did not have their education students in classrooms until their junior year, and I thought that the experience that Pace offered in this way [getting students into the classroom as early as freshman year] has more than prepared me for a career in this field.” “I can say with great confidence that I am happy I made the decision to come to Pace.” "I applied to Pace University because I was advised that the School of Education was fabulous and that my credits would transfer over very smoothly.”

Why should you consider a career in education? Any teacher will tell you that they are first and foremost driven by a desire to help others. Teachers are life-long learners who share their love of knowledge with students – and not just children and teens in elementary and high schools. In our changing economic climate, there is a growing need for teachers of young toddlers in early education settings, and adults, too.

There is always a demand for effective, qualified teachers, particularly more school districts seek to lower student-teacher ratios and meet the demands of increased enrollment. US News & World Report recently named teaching one of the "7 Peak Fields of the Future," with 1.4 million new jobs projected by 2020. Education is returning to prominence on national educational agendas and proposals taking shape and becoming more urgent.

School districts all over the United States must prepare for the demands of higher state standards, tougher academic testing and a world requiring students to have advanced skills to compete globally. To meet the changing needs of the educational system, Pace University’s School of Education prepares educators who are reflective professionals who promote justice, create caring classrooms and school communities, and enable all students to be successful learners, through our core values of lifelong teaching and learning. 

School of Education degree candidates - both graduate and undergraduate – are prepared to meet the needs of students and schools. Through your coursework, program activities and student teaching, you will be engaged to become a knowledgeable, confident and technologically savvy teacher and educational leader as you graduate and enter the classroom.

In the undergraduate program, you will enter the classroom as early as your freshman year, and develop relationships with regional school districts in the New York metropolitan area. As you progress in the program, you will grow as a student and emerging teacher. You will become fluent in the technology that is redefining how students learn in the classroom, and prepared for rigorous certification exams (New York State Certification is reciprocal in 48 states).

Teaching is a fulfilling second career option for working professionals. Learn more about our MST programs and read this New York Times piece about entering the classroom with years experience in other fields.

Please view this welcome message from current undergraduate students David and Joanna, and learn more about why Pace is the place for you.