About LPP

The Liberty Partnerships Program at Pace University’s School of Education centers on academic support and college counseling for participating students:

Academic Support Services

All LPP students attend academic and enrichment workshops. Tutoring is mandatory for any member who receive a grade below 75 in any academic subject or who failed a Regents exam.  All students meet with a LPP academic advisor to develop an academic plan for a productive and achievement-oriented high school career. 

During freshman and sophomore years, students’ academic progress is monitored by Pace LPP staff.  Interviews and report cards indicate areas of concern that receive targeted intervention.  Study skills and time management workshops are conducted for students to master effective study skills.

The Pace LPP College Counseling Program

Students map a plan of action to achieve both high school academic success, and fulfillment of college and career goals through college counseling and career guidance. Pace LPP students are encouraged to enroll in Advanced Placement courses, college-level courses, writing workshops, and additional enrichment courses. 

Pace LPP college advisory counselors coordinate workshops on transition to college for PACE LPP seniors and their parents to ensure that students and parents are aware of the changes ahead and develop plans to meet those challenges. Students are encouraged to meet with college admissions representatives and program alumni to discuss the challenges and obstacles that the Pace LPP students may face as they transition to college.

Each LPP student is required to attend the college preparatory seminar in the fall of junior year. In this seminar, students learn the “business” of college admissions to better understand the college application process and to make better informed college-related decisions. Each LPP student is assigned to a Pace LPP college advisor, who will work with the student throughout the entire process, which starts with individualized college planning in the spring semester of the junior year.  Members file college applications with the guidance of his/her Pace LPP college advisor in the fall of the student’s senior year. 

History of the Program

For more than 20 years, the Pace University Liberty Partnerships Program (LPP) serves 250 New York City students from local area high schools annually. Funded through New York State grants and using a case management model, the program identifies students at risk for academic failure, and provides them with a broad range of services to assist participants to succeed academically and socially.

Working with school guidance personnel and teachers, LPP is an academic support and enrichment program designed to increase student motivation and ability to complete junior/high school and seek entry into post-secondary education and the workforce. The LPP’s graduates--many of whom are “first generation college bound” students--enter college at rates higher than 93%. The LPP sites partnering with Pace University also serve as field placement experiences for undergraduate and graduate School of Education candidates.