Michele Benjamin Alumni Spotlight

Michele Benjamin is a 1997 School of Education graduate who earned her MST in Adolescent Education in the subject area of Biology for grades 5-12. Michele has had the fortune of teaching students in multiple states such as New York, Texas, and Kansas. She has taught middle school science for a total of eight years combined and won the Teacher of the Year award while teaching at West Ridge Middle School in 2000-2001.

She has developed school-wide science curriculum while serving as department chair, designed and implemented a home schooling program, and offered her experience and knowledge as an in-home tutor. Now Michele has moved into an adjunct professor role at Park University in Parkville, MO, which for her is a whole new ballgame.

"There wasn't much difference in teaching in New York and Texas, they were actually more similar than not. Both states have state testing and the kids were really enjoyable at both schools," Michele, who is married with two children said. "As for my new position as an adjunct, I will be teaching Science for Early Childhood and Elementary Teachers. The thought of me going to be a professor is a little daunting but I'm excited as I have always wanted to teach on a college campus and interact with students at that level."

Over the course of her learning experience at the School of Education, Michele points out how she learned so much from her professors such as practical methodology, case studies and classroom management techniques that she actually uses in her classroom today.

“I enjoyed all my professorsand I felt like I learned so much from them,” Michele said. “Professor Rita Silverman (a recent retiree of the School of Education) in particular, really helped shape me into the teacher I am today with her integration of case study methodology and her genuine guidance. She has been a mentor for me and we still speak frequently. I appreciate and admire her as a professor and as a friend.”