Spring Ahead with the School of Education

Join us for special courses this Spring for students at all levels: ungergraduate, graduate and teaching professionals!

Special Courses for Spring 2014


Join Dr. McCarthy for EDU 200i: Education & Society: Access, Opportunities & Outcomes, a 3 credit course that will explore the American educational system and what proposed changed could mean for students, equality of access, opportunities and outcomes. This course is open to all undergraduates and fulfills requirements for Honors College students’ honors credits. Learn more
New Special Topics Course for Spring 2014: New Literacies for Instruction & Assessment Across the Curriculum that Meet the Common Core Learning Standards. This online course will show candidates how to integrate the new technologies into their teaching across the curriculum. This course may be applied toward the MSEd in Literacy or the Advanced Certificate in Literacy. Learn more
Undergraduates & Graduates
Get Savvy with Interactive White Boards! These tech tools are in classrooms everywhere—learn the ins and outs of using one in your teaching practice. This one-credit course is offered for both Graduate( EDU 696A/22589) and Undergraduate ( EDU 200A/22537)students, with two convenient sections in Pleasantville and is taught by an area educator who uses white boards daily in his classroom. Learn more

Join Professor Adams for a Faculty-Led Study Abroad experience to Trinidad & Tobago. Students will study and prepare during Spring 2014 for a trip from May 25-June 8, 2014 to experience life in this Caribbean nation through the eyes of an educator, teaching lessons to school children and learning about the educational system of a developing country with a rich and diverse culture.  Learn more

Practicing Educational Professionals

Bring online teaching & learning into your school! With Dr. Lynch’s online course offering, Learning Online: Curriculum, Instruction and Implementation Design, you will be prepared to develop a strategy for implementation of a digital education program in your school or district. Perfect for practicing teachers or administrators. Learn more  or  Download our flier (PDF)

Parent conferences and tough conversations are all part of the job for a teacher—but few are truly prepared to navigate these difficult conversations. Let’s Talk, Dr. Joan Walker’s innovative online program based on her award-winning research, can change that. This online program is perfect for busy practicing teachers to gain the skills and knowledge to make these challenging conversations productive and positive. Learn more