NACTEL Program

The NACTEL Program successfully completed its 13th year of operation.

New this year is a Mobile Technologies tract within the AS offering.  A corresponding Mobile Technologies Certificate was also made available.

The NACTEL Board, consisting of individuals from AT&T, Verizon, CenturyLink, the IBEW and CWA, continue to be very supportive of the NACTEL program.  In fact, the NACTEL board recently signed a five-year contract with the University in order to ensure that the NACTEL program continues and thrives. 

Here are comments from a recent NACTEL graduate:

Jay Thomas
TDS Telecommunications
Madison, WI
B.S. – Telecommunications

After receiving his A.S. in Telecommunications through the NACTEL program at Pace, Jay decided to keep going – he could easily roll his credits into NACTEL’s B.S. in Telecommunications and didn’t have to worry about transferring to another school.  He earned his B.S. in May 2011 and plans to continue on for an online master’s degree at Pace.

“When I started working, I figured I could get my next job without a degree, but after that, I knew I probably wouldn’t be promoted very easily,” said Jay.

He said his current position at TDS Communications requires a pretty high level of skill and earning his degree helped him get there.  “I think my degree helped a lot in terms of getting into a new job,” he said.  “On a personal level, you’re much better in an interview when you know you have the credentials to back it up.”