Pace Computer Learning Center


In a shifting, unsettled economy, the Computer Learning Center has broadened the scope of its programs, concentrating on longer certificate programs aimed at helping working adults build job skills.

The area with the most growth over the year was Mobile Application Development.  The class in iPhone application development was consistently in demand, and a new program in Android application development was also highly popular.

Because many students who want to create mobile applications do not have the programming prerequisite, the Center now offers a class, taught by Professor Sotirios Skevoulis, designed to prepare them.  The six week class teaches programming fundamentals, and will allow students to move into either iPhone or Android programming.  This opens the mobile applications area to many more students, and the Center has been successful in helping some of them transition into Seidenberg degree programs.

Courses in Project Management continue to be popular, and the Center added a 35 hour certificate program in Business Analysis.  The 98 hour Master’s Certificate in Business Analysis continues to be offered, but online only.

The 40 hour program in Solar PV Design and Installation Basics tripled in size during the year, bringing both corporate and public groups to Pace.  The class is offered on both New York and Westchester campuses, and features hands-on installation experience.

Finally, the Center has added a robust group of classes in graphic digital design to its Web development courses.  In addition to learning to create Web sites for businesses, stufdents may also learn to create content for print and digital outputs, including the iPad and other smart devices.  Taught by a team of exciting young design professionals, the class offers students a path to jobs in today’s creative media.

*As of July 1, 2011, the Pace Computer Learning Center was renamed the Pace Center for Business and Technology and is now reporting administratively to Judge Robert Keating, vice president for strategic initiatives.