Message from Ivan G. Seidenberg

Pace University looks forward and meets the challenges of educating 21st century leaders. Nowhere is that more apparent than at the Seidenberg School where faculty prepare students for careers that don’t yet exist, using tools that have not yet been invented. The faculty and staff of the Seidenberg School are deeply committed to educating the next generation of leaders in the field of information technology, in all its many disciplines. At a time when opportunities within this dynamic field are growing, a degree from Pace University and the Seidenberg School will maximize your potential for success in whatever career you decide to pursue.

As an alumnus, I know first-hand the educational foundation that Pace afforded me, and I can assure you that the University has even more to offer today. It truly is a unique and valuable education to have as you begin what will surely be interesting and engaging careers. Your commitment to life-long learning begins here.

Ivan G. Seidenberg