Access To Industry Expertise

Seidenberg maintains a strong track record in interdisciplinary research collaborations with external academia, businesses, and government entities. Through these endeavors, we seek to positively transform business and society through implementation and diffusion of computing applications and processes in diverse industries.
Contact us to benefit from our research expertise and resources. We can:
  • Match you with a research expert in your area of interest;
  • Start a research project in partnership with our research and lab centers;
  • Offer access to facilities and equipment for your research endeavors.

Research & Lab Centers

This forum combats cybercrime through integrated technology advances and policy.
This lab builds and tests cognitive architecture and constructs intelligent agents for network security and intrusion detection.
The Center focuses on education, research, and partnerships with academia, industry, and government. Our academic programs empower students with the knowledge they need to make a difference.
This lab explores novel applications in the realm of human-computer interaction. In particular, it studies and applies human-computer interaction and machine learning techniques to a wide variety of wearable and handheld devices.
This lab serves as a resource for educators, law enforcement, and computer forensics professionals in criminal activity deterrence.