Corporate Education

In this evolving global marketplace, it is vital for your employees to be nimble and adaptable. Our top-ranked online and non-traditional programs qualify us to be a strategic partner in this endeavor.  These programs speak to the varying needs of your employees, at different stages of skills development and in accordance with their schedules and location constraints. Our hybrid onsite and online approaches answer the demand for enabling asynchronous and synchronous collaborations in diverse work environments. Contact us to discuss our offerings.

Training in Computing  and IT Development utilizing Multidisciplinary Approaches

This program provides computing and IT professionals with a unique opportunity to pursue a part-time, doctoral degree while continuing to work full time. This arrangement empowers your employees to acquire and hone skills required to meet the changing needs of your organization. The DPS supports interdisciplinary study among the computing disciplines as well as applied research in one or more of them, providing the background highly valued by industry.
This program is ranked 16th nationally by US News & World Report. It is available in blended mode online and on-site, combined. It is a broadly based interdisciplinary degree providing a solid foundation in Internet Technology that provides for a concentration in a complementary discipline or emerging technology. Online concentration options include Security and Information Assurance, and Internet Technology for e-Commerce. A Network Administration concentration is offered exclusively on site.
Master of Science in Information Systems
This pioneering program was the first of its kind more than 20 years ago, and its excellence continues today through training in areas including systems design and development, organizational structure, and project management.

Training in Software Development and Engineering

This flexible program helps our corporate partners in various industries excel in the changing field of software development. Qualified students have already earned an undergraduate degree and have some experience in software development. We are the only school in the East Coast that is a Registered Education Provider for a graduate software engineering program as defined by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). At the completion of the master's program, students have the potential to be IEEE-certified software engineers.

Training in Telecommunications Skills and Knowledge

NACTEL provides skills and knowledge needed for both internal and field technical positions in the telecommunications industry. Working with NACTEL and its partners, Pace developed the curriculum for the degree and certificates using industry-training programs as the foundation. Blending that with the university core (general education) courses needed for an accredited degree or certificate, Pace created this program to meet the growing time pressures and varied geography of those in the telecommunications industry.
This program is offered online. Qualified students must have an Associate's degree or the equivalent and typically also have experience in the workplace.

Training in Computer Forensics

Offered online, this program enables mastery of the latest technologies and practices in the high-demand field of computer forensics and a career in law enforcement, government agency or private company.

Customize courses to fit your organization's unique needs

Our innovative and creative approach towards skills and knowledge development enables us to tailor a course of study best suited for your organization's needs. Our Corporate Education division will work with you to design a program offering for your employees.

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We are happy to host a complimentary open-house webinar for your employees. In this forum, Pace-Seidenberg faculty and staff will be available to those interested in learning more about our programs and answering individual questions/concerns. Given your employees' busy schedules, the webinar ensures that everyone has ready access at a time most convenient for them.
We also hold open-house webinars on a regularly scheduled basis. To register for an upcoming event or request an exclusive webinar for your employees please fill out the form below. 

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