Corporate Partnerships

Seidenberg welcomes collaborations and partnerships with stakeholders in diverse industries. We customize our expertise and resources to your unique needs through multidisciplinary approaches toward instruction and research in the computing disciplines   Contact us to discuss a potential partnership and/or collaboration.

Sponsored Research

Seidenberg has a world-class brain trust of Researchers and Students of varying educational backgrounds and levels to help advance your goals and needs. You benefit from custom-tailored and flexible partnerships, including but not limited to the following:

Student Research Initiative

Our innovative internship model enables our students from different educational levels and backgrounds to work with industry partners through a streamlined process from end to end. Unlike traditional internship arrangements where a company carries out all aspects of the administrative process – from screening applicants to completing necessary paperwork for hiring and payment – we handle these functions on behalf of the company. This allows the company to surmount several legal and regulatory constraints while enable the company to benefit from the diverse skills and global backgrounds of international students.

Faculty-Student Research Initiative

This research approach appoints an expert faculty member to lead the concerned research projects and determine the organization and sequencing of work required. The appointed faculty will actively engage with the work assigned, and supervise and mentor the students selected to work on the project.  

Faculty Consulting

Benefit from the extensive expertise of our faculty through consulting relationships, as they seek to engage in intellectual discourse and rigorous research activities that mutually advance and improve business and societal goals. Our faculty number among the best researchers, scholars and scientists in the field of computing nationally and internationally.

Commercial Innovation: Licensing, Intellectual Property & Process

Our faculty and students pursue cutting edge research that leads to innovative technologies and processes in a multitude of industries, including our initiative areas: Cybersecurity; Telemedicine/Telehealth; Distributed Teams; and Corporate and Online Education Services.
To facilitate sharing of these discoveries, we entertain licensing agreements with industry for commercialization. Licensing agreements offer mutual benefits to parties involved. Industry collaborators invest in rights to use a technology/process for further developments towards commercialization while our researchers receive resources and support during the development and production phases. We understand the risks and rewards of these ventures, and will identify and assess risks and costs up-front to guide industry partners through the process.