Tech Entrepreneurship

Seidenberg helps organizations at all stages of development – whether you are thinking about your business, in the process of building your start-up, or an experienced entity seeking to expand in new areas.
We have the expertise, resources, and passion to capitalize on entrepreneurship opportunities. Our comprehensive suite of collaborations include:

Seidenberg Start-Up Program for Tech Entrepreneurs

Seidenberg is always seeking early-stage enterprises that align with the scope and spirit of our innovative technology-driven mission. We offer mentorship and essential services for development of start-ups during critical stages of growth. Benefits include faculty expertise, student talent, and assistance in developing optimal funding and operational strategies to facilitate sustainable growth.

Featured Seidenberg Start-Up: Vital Care Services

Seidenberg’s successful partnership with Vital Care Services, a health IT startup, showcases our capacity to offer comprehensive guidance and services to promising ventures.

Determining Best Practices

Seidenberg engages in systematic assessment and evaluation of procedures to improve product and service quality and cut costs.

Industry Assessment of Emerging and Profitable Technology-related Growth areas.

Please contact us to discuss potential collaborations or partnerships to advance your entrepreneurial goals!