Faculty Responsibilities


You will be assigned a Pace e-mail account in the following format when you begin your first semester teaching for us:

firstinitiallastname@pace.edu -- e.g. jsmyth@pace.edu

All University and CSIS communication is done via the University e-mail system. Therefore it is the responsibility of all faculty members to regularly access their Pace e-mail accounts. If you need assistance with accessing or configuring your e-mail account contact the Technical Support person on your campus:



All new staff and faculty are required to complete an on-line Sexual Harassment training module within the first 30 days of hire.  You will be receiving an email within the first 2 weeks of hire from Workplace Answers with a link to this training program.  You are required to complete the training within the first 30 days of employment.  Upon a successful score of 85 or above, print out your certificate to retain with your personal records.




  • be present for all scheduled classes.
  • be prepared for class.
  • distribute a detailed course outline at the beginning of the semester that corresponds with the official syllabus and that gives clear criteria for grading.
  • place your book orders on time, as requested, with:
    Lovette Esliker (NYC, Westchester), (914) 773-3396
  • turn in your grades on time.
  • comply with all University policies.



According to University policy, full-time faculty are required to hold office hours at least five (5) hours a week to see students on campus. If you temporarily change or are unable to hold your office hours as scheduled at any time, you must inform your Chair or the Dean's Office in advance.

Before the start of each semaster, you will receive a form electronically from Fran O'Gara, administrative director, to be completed and reformed indicating your office hours for the term.

Adjunct faculty are encouraged to be available at least one hour a week before or after class.



  • Planned absences must be approved by the Chair or Assistant/Associate Dean in advance.
  • Unforeseeable absences (i.e., emergencies, illness) must be reported to the department office as far in advance as possible.
  • Arranging for a substitute who is a Pace faculty member is encouraged. If you cannot do so, the Chair will make every attempt to provide one before canceling class.



Please order in advance within necessary lead time and pick up your textbooks before the semester begins.



Every course must have a midterm (or equivalent) and a final examination or project. Exceptions must be approved by the Chair or Program Director.

  • Midterm examinations must be graded and returned to the students within one week of the exam so that the students may decide whether or not they should continue on in the class.
  • Final examinations are held during the final meeting of the class for evening and weekend classes. For all other classes, please refer to the exam schedule which is distributed towards the end of the semester.



Instructors are expected to keep accurate and complete records of students' work including:

  • Examinations
  • Homework assignments
  • Quizzes
  • Projects
  • Papers

Faculty must be available and willing to talk with a student about a grade after the semester at the student's request.

  • Final examinations and grade books must be stored by the departments for three years.
  • If you are an adjunct faculty member or leave the University, you should make arrangements to have your final examinations and any other course-related records stored, by contacting:
    - Gerry Forstrom (PLV), (914) 773-3662
    - Greni Francisco (GC), (914) 422-4191
  • In addition, you should retain your grade book for at least three years and provide the contact listed above with an address or telephone number where you may be reached.
  • Incompletes can only be given for good reason and must be resolved within 6 weeks.