Seidenberg Scholars Programs

The Seidenberg School of Computer Science and Information Systems seeks outstanding high school students interested in pursuing a degree in computing. Through the generosity of Ivan G. Seidenberg, this unique scholarship program is available to outstanding students. We invite the nominations of exceptional students who have a demonstrated creative interest in the computing sciences. Students can self nominate or be nominated by a teacher or guidance counselor.

Serious candidates will have followed a college-prep program, having taken or currently completing at least 3 years of science and 4 years of mathematics. Candidates will typically have a high school average of at least 90, and verbal and mathematics combined scores of at least 1250 with a minimum 650 on the mathematics SATs. Those students who submit the ACT will need a combined score of at least 28. A demonstrated interest in computing including innovative activities will be strongly viewed.

This is up to a $25,000* scholarship that will be renewed annually**.

* This includes up to a $10,000 Seidenberg Scholarship, and a $15,000 Honors College. For students eligible for financial aid, these scholarships will not exceed the cost of attending Pace University.

** In order to maintain the scholarship, students must apply for financial aid every February, maintain a grade point average of at least 3.50 by the end of each year, participate in a mentoring program in their first and second years, participate in research with a faculty member by their junior year, and consider applying for a Fulbright opportunity in their senior year.

Application Process:
Students will fill out the Pace University application and send it to the Office of Undergraduate Admission with an official high school transcript, a letter of intent indicating interest in the scholarship program, a recommendation from a teacher or high school guidance counselor, and an essay. Although financial need will not be considered, all students must fill out and submit the free FAFSA form by February 15 each year.

Computing technology is often used to solve problems. In what way(s) have you used technology to solve a problem? What do you think are the most pressing problems in society? State an issue in society, whether it is in your community, state, country, or the world, and describe how computer science or computing technology can assist to solve the problem. Include the ethical issues involved.

Please send all inquiries to:

Dr. Jonathan H. Hill
Interim Dean
Phone: 212-346-1864
Pace University
163 William St
NYC, NY 10038