The Seidenberg School of Computer Science and Information Systems will enroll 3-5 outstanding high school students who are interested in pursuing a degree in computing each year. The first group of five scholars entered in fall 2007. The Scholars will typically have a high school average of at least 90, verbal and mathematics combined scores of at least 1250 with a minimum 650 on the mathematics SATs, and evidence of creativity or innovation.

Typical Four-Year Program:

First Year: The Scholars will have a faculty mentor who, using video-conferencing, will meet with the group every other week on alternate campuses throughout the fall and spring semesters. During these meeting the faculty mentor and the students will engage topics focusing on technology: past, present, and future. Global, social, and ethical issues will be infused into every session. The meetings will include guest speakers from the faculty, alumi, alumnae, and industry leaders. Students will also have the opportunity to work on a current Seidenberg initiative such as the United Nations Web Site project.

Second Year: Students will have a second faculty mentor who will meet with team as a group at least once a month (3 times per semester). These meetings will be supplemented by a Blackboard site. The faculty member will assist the students in focusing on a computing topic and will have exercises in place that will help to facilitate the beginnings of a research or innovative project. Second year students will also mentor the first year students.

Third Year: Students will continue to work with their faculty mentors in pursuing a research or innovative project. Students will continue to mentor their cohort group of scholars who are now in their second year.

Fourth Year: Students will attend at least one professional conference and in the spring semester the students will submit papers and present their research or innovative project to the Pace community (and to external venues). They will also be encouraged to apply for a Fullbright Scholarship.

All Years: Students will participate in University events such as the National Actors Theatre, C-Span events, LEGO League, and other opportunities to engage in the New York City and Westchester communities.