Seidenberg Summer Scholars Experience 2014

When: July 6th - 11th 

Where: Pace University, 163 William Street, NYC 

Who: 24 of the top rising seniors from around the US with interests in computing

Theme: App Development, Design Thinking and Cyber Security  

Application Deadline: May 9th

Application Information


The 9thannual Seidenberg Summer Scholars
Computing Experience

We introduce the brightest rising high school seniors in the country to the world of App Development, Design Thinking and Cyber Security

As a participant you will be submerged in a creative, interactive, and entertaining multi-day technology development experience that leverages mobile apps to address rising cyber security and privacy concerns.

Participants will

Work in interdisciplinary and dynamic teams
Work with students from across the nation
Work with Pace faculty, students, staff and partners from around the world
Learn and deploy cutting edge software and system design
Get hands-on programming experience and feel the thrill of getting a computer to do what you tell it to do
Explore and learn about newest technology
Engage in creative problem solving
Be challenged and asked to play an array of various roles
Explore what NYC has to offer
Prominent Tech Companies
Promising and innovative startups
Diverse neighborhoods

Included in the program:

Housing, in a dorm between the Brooklyn Bridge and Wall St.
Meals, including excursions to unique restaurants
Experienced and supportive mentors
Educational, creative and thrilling experience

Why Seidenberg Summer Scholars:

Creative problem solving is what we're all about at Pace.
Top Tech Program: the Summer Experience is renowned as a top tech program for gifted and talented students from across the country.
Diversity:we have had students from 38 states that have gone onto top Universities, including Pace University.
Endless possibilities: Today, a computer science graduate can occupy an almost limitless number of roles, ranging from Internet security designer to digital artist.
Future Honors and Scholarships:possible acceptance into our Seidenberg Scholars program

In the course of the program you will be a College Student, a Team member and Innovator and a Traveler.

College Student

We realize you still have a year of high school left, but we also know you're capable of handling college-level material.  In community service collaborative sessions called design sprints, workshops and hackathons, we help you expand your already considerable knowledge of information technologies by showing you how to apply it to real-life situations. And because only 24 students participate, you can speak freely with Pace students, professors, and administrators.

Team member and Innovator

You're also part of a team with an important task: to use software development, app building, and UX (User Experience) elements, among others, to address rising cyber security and privacy concerns.  At the end of the week, your team presents its solution to the audience - great practice for when you attend academic conferences in college.


You're spending the week in the country's most exciting city, and we're going to make sure you see as much of it as you can.  Our planned events include exploring neighborhoods like Little Italy, Chinatown, Midtown, and Downtown; visiting the Museum of Natural History; touring the South Street Seaport; and attending a show. You will visit prominent companies – among the companies Summer Scholars ’13 visited were Google and Microsoft– and promising startups such as AppFigures, Codecademy and StreetEasy. And if you have any energy left, you can use your free time to add even more experiences to your visit.

We've invited you to apply to our annual Summer Experience program because we think you might have what it takes to become a Seidenberg Scholar: a desire to pursue a computer science degree combined with talents and interests in areas outside of computing.

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