Pace and Seidenberg Scholars Description

Pace: A pro•active education

One of the first things you might notice about Pace, and Pace students, is that we're an active group. That doesn't mean we run around Central Park every day, but that we learn actively. Our students read their textbooks and attend their lectures, but what really excites them is applying learned principles to real-life situations. At Pace, you're constantly given opportunities to do just that in facilities like our robotics lab and our digital gallery.

We emphasize hands-on learning because we believe it best prepares you for your next step. If you want to begin your career right away, you can gain valuable experience through our co-op program, the largest in the metropolitan area. And if you're thinking about continuing your education and undertaking new research projects, your Seidenberg Scholars mentor can give you insider advice on options that span from graduate schools to Fulbright Scholarships.

Seidenberg Scholars

In addition to your close work with a faculty mentor, you earn other benefits if we admit you as a Seidenberg Scholar:

  • up tp $25,000 in scholarships
  • admission into the Pforzeimer Honors College
  • a free laptop
  • regular meetings with Mr. Seidenberg and other entrepreneurs and industry leaders
  • junior and senior year research projects
  • senior year project presentation to the Pace community

Whether your dream is to become a programmer or a pediatrician, a computer science degree from Pace can lead you there. Our curriculum emphasizes the intersection of computing with other disciplines, and we always talk about the social, global, and ethical implications of technological advancements. Your Seidenberg degree can make you a better thinker and a more informed citizen. It also can prepare you to become a leader in your chosen field, just like Mr. Seidenberg himself.