Seidenberg Cybersecurity Institute

The Seidenberg Cybersecurity Institute aims to further the study of computer security and digital forensics by means of faculty-student research, academic courses and partnerships in public and private sectors.
The Institute is comprised of leading expert faculty from the Westchester and New York City campuses of Pace University’s Seidenberg School of Computer Science and Information Systems. One of its prime goals is to address the acute shortage of trained cybersecurity professionals through the offering of certificates, degree programs, and ongoing education for managers and high-level executives.
Cyberattacks are a constant part of today’s internet usage. Every day, countless attacks are launched on businesses, organizations, and individuals. In order to combat this, thousands of cybersecurity professionals are needed to fill a plethora of positions. The Cybersecurity Institute aims to provide the industry with these professionals.
In addition to its focus on preparing information security specialists for managerial roles in business and government, the Institute aims to:
  • Drive research on immediately applicable approaches that integrate technology advances and policy
  • Serve as a resource for public and private partnerships
  • Develop additional curricula for industry professionals
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