IA Funded Projects

Department of Defense/Army Research Office 

Project: A Multi-Scale Cognitive Approach to Intrusion Detection and Response (2010)
Award: $294,944 (2010-2012)
PI: D. Paul Benjamin

Department of Defense/Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency

Project: Cognitive Support for Survivability against Sophisticate Attacks (collaboration with BBN Technologies, Inc.)
Award: $120,000 (2007-2009)
PI: D. Paul Benjamin

Department of Defense/National Security Agency 

  • Information Assurance Scholarship Program (2006-2014)
  • Academic Outreach to Area Community College (2012-2013)
  • Expanding the Outreach: Mobile Device Forensics (2011-2012)
  • Computer Security and Digital Forensics Lab Development (2010-2011)
  • Information Assurance Curriculum Development (2009-2010)
  • Security Lab Development (2006-2007)
  • Lab Development (2005-2006)
Awards:Over 1.4 million over nine years towards student scholarships and capacity building projects.
PI(s): Li-Chiou Chen, Andreea Cotoranu, Darren Hayes, Narayan Murthy, Chienting Lin, Lixin Tao

National Science Foundation 

Project: Establishing the Information Assurance Student Pipeline through Community College Outreach (DUE-1241585)
Award: $299,872 (2012-2015)
PI(s): Li-Chiou Chen, Darren Hayes, Charles Tappert and Xiangdong Li
Project: An Interdisciplinary Scholarship for Service Program (DUE-1027400)
Award: $885,197
PI(s): Li-Chiou Chen, Picheng Lee and Chienting Lin

Project: Collaborative Project: Secure Web Development Teaching Modules (CCLI-0837549)
Collaboration with Dr. Xiangdong Li, City University of New York
Total Award: $149,900; Pace University Award (Lead Institution): $99,956 (2009-2011)
PI(s): Li-Chiou Chen, Lixin Tao and Chienting Lin

New York City Department of Education

Project: Computer Forensics Curriculum Development
Award: $78,000 (2007-2009)
PI: Jonathan Hill

Verizon Foundation/Thinkfinity Initiative

Project: Developing a Keystroke Biometric System for Authenticating Online Test Takers
Award: $4,000 (Summer 2013)
PI: Charles Tappert
Project: Enhancing the Interdisciplinary Curriculum in Cybersecurity by Engaging High-Impact Educational Practices
Award: $10,000 (2012-2013)
PI(s): Li-Chiou Chen and Andreea Cotoranu
Project: A Web Application for Financial Trading Simulation
Award: $10,000 (2011-2012)
PI(s): Li-Chiou Chen, Padma Kadiyala and Lixin Tao
Project: Security @ Web: Teaching Security with Alignment in Trust on the Web
Award: $15,000 (2010-2011)
PI(s): Li-Chiou Chen and Mary Long
Project: Development of IT Auditing Teaching Modules
Award: $15,000 (2009-2010)
PI(s): Chienting Lin, Li-Chiou Chen and Kaustav Sen
Project: Rule-based, Automated Control and Compliance Systems: The Strategic Alignment between Accounting and Data Mining
Award: $15,000 (2009-2010)
PI(s): Catherine Dwyer and Susan O'Callaghan
Project: Understanding Terrorism Through the Use of GIS
Award: $15,000 (2009-2010)
PI(s): Daniel Farkas and Joseph Ryan