One of the first relationships you establish at Seidenberg will be with your academic adviser. In addition to providing guidance, your adviser will help you navigate the undergraduate experience, by providing you with course sequence suggestions, directing you to University resources, and ensuring you graduate within your established timeline.

Advisement is available to students on a full-time basis, and may be done in-person, or via phone or email. We encourage you to maintain a relationship with your adviser throughout your time at Seidenberg.

New York Academic Advisement
Call (212) 346-1687 to make an appointment in NYC
  • Stephanie Elson
    Academic Program Supervisor
    163 William Street - 2nd floor
    New York, NY 10038
  • Kimberly Brazaitis
    Academic Advisor
    163 William Street - 2nd floor
    New York, NY 10038
Westchester Academic Advisement
Call (914) 773-3471 to make an appointment in PLV
  • Lynne Larkin
    Program Manager
    Goldstein Academic Center, 3rd Floor
    861 Bedford Rd
    Pleasantville, NY 10570

Undergraduate Academic Advisement

Undergraduate students are required to meet with an adviser prior to each registration period to review their academic progress, plan a class schedule, and to discuss opportunities at Pace. Advisers work with students to explore different areas of studies; discuss possible minors, dual majors, and career paths. During the meetings, advisers encourage students to become involved in extracurricular activities and volunteer work in the surrounding community. They stress the importance of registering with Co-op and Career Services Center and go into great detail about the benefits of participating in at least one internship during their four years at Pace.

When working with an undecided student, advisers make sure that the student is aware of all of their options and strive to design their schedule each semester so that there will be minimal conflict if they decide to change majors within the school. Advisers continue to work with undecided students in an effort to help explore the many programs and minors within the school and help guide the students, so they can make the decision as to which major they would like to pursue.

Graduate Academic Advisement

Advisement is available to Seidenberg School graduate students both in White Plains and in New York City on a full-time basis. The adviser is there to guide students through their academic programs and to provide them with the appropriate resources to achieve academic success. The adviser helps students explore career options while directing them toward the appropriate services on campus to apply their classroom learning to pre-professional and professional work environments.

Doctoral Academic Advisement

For advisement in the Doctor of Professional Studies (DPS) and the PhD programs, please contact:

Barbara Woodworth
Please note that our doctoral programs are currently available only at our Pleasantville campus.