Dean's List Spring 2015

Pace who exemplify excellence in the attainment of their educational goals. The Pace brothers, Homer and Charles, founded Pace with the goal of providing a quality education that prepares students for success in the marketplace. Following in their footsteps, Pace faculty, staff and administration continue the tradition by encouraging students to strive to do their personal best and work towards greatness.

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Dean's List First Honors
Wassim K Abedrabbo Hayden P McClure
Jordan R Adelman Edwin J Muere
Adriana Aluia Alex D Ortiz
Thomas B Barlow James S Ossipov
Shannon A Barnard Petr Pasek
Crystal D Boatright Bernier Paul
Anthony T Bonifacio Renee Pollack
Ryan J Campbell Steven F Porras
John P Capalbo Daniel G Reicher
Daniel Celikoyar Ryan Sadler
Michael D Conte Helena S Santiago
Matthew P Desimini Cynthia Shaw
Michael Di Mattia Francis C Stevens
Niamh E Fitzsimon Chabiraj Sukhu
Russell T Gee Nick F Terrasi
Shawn C Gross Joseph Tso
Ali A Hajihaidari Daniel R Walker
Joseph M Jacob Siobhan D Wilmot-Dunbar
Hassan A Joseph Shirley Zhang
Denis Kaminer Xiaojun Zhu
James J Langer  
Dean's List Second Honors
Eiman W Ahmed Micha
Nasser A Al-Shamsi Mark E Nicholson
Julien Attick Mukta Oberoi
Panagiotis G Bayiokos Anna N Odeh
Nida A Butt Christopher J Ortega
Joshua J Dare Amanda M Perez
Guiseppe Dimeglio Bradley Siebenthal
Erik Duran Kelley J Smith
Steven M Hartwig Christopher Snow
Julian Hernandez Marielle Torres
Shahroze J Khan Joseph T Valila
Nicholas J Leader Donald D Webster
Arize S Lee Jason B White
Kaila M Letteri Richard Zhao
Dean's List Third Honors
Gabriela C Aires Pressimone Shannon T Pace
Remy P Aubrun Daniel Petryuk
Steven D Cassidy Alexa M Piccoli
Grarholla Duval Athina D Roseles Vieyra
Kevin Gonzalez Daniel M Sim
Tatenda Kunaka Hana Stanojkovic
Sandra Matailo Corey M Strickland
Alexander T Mauro Briana L Vecchione
Dheer M Mirchandani Mayrimar A Vega-Vazquez
Javin L Na Javeed Peter V Zikopoulos