Seidenberg Ombudsman

Role of the Seidenberg ombudsman

The Seidenberg School’s ombudsman works with students and faculty to assist them in determining options to help resolve conflicts, issues, or concerns that are not resolved through the normal procedures.
What are the normal procedures?
  • If there is a problem between a faculty member and a student, then the student and faculty should discuss the problem and try to resolve the situation.
  • Should the above fail, or should either party feel the issue too sensitive to handle between them, then they should ask the chair of the department to resolve the issue.
  • If the above fails to resolve the situation, then the problem should be referred to the ombudsman. The ombudsman will attempt to resolve the problem.
The ombudsman preserves the confidentiality of those seeking services and maintains a neutral, impartial position with respect to the concerns raised.


Activities and functions of the ombudsman

While providing support to students and faculty, the ombudsman:
  • Listens to and understands the issues from the perspectives of each individual while remaining neutral with respect to the facts.
  • Helps individuals to reframe issues and evaluate their options.
  • Guides individuals to deal directly with other parties.
  • Refers individuals to appropriate resolution resources.
  • Gives voice to the concern and /or creating an awareness of the issue among appropriate decision-makers when an individual is unable or unwilling to surface a concern directly.
If you are experiencing an issue that the above normal procedures has not resolved, contact the Seidenberg ombudsman, John Molluzzo, at or 212-346-1780.