DPS for Computing and IT Professionals

Welcome from the Program Chair

You are in the midst of an exciting age of technological innovation.

And you are not alone. The competition is strong, and the pace is fast. To succeed, you need to stand out, adapt quickly to emerging technologies, and then apply them to your profession.

In response to your needs as an active IT professional, we have created a unique doctoral program. Through part-time study, you can earn the title of Doctor of Professional Studies in Computing in three years.

Dr. Lixin Tao
Program Chair

Unique Features

The Doctor of Professional Studies in Computing provides IT professionals with a unique opportunity to pursue a doctoral degree while continuing to work full-time. It supports interdisciplinary study among the computing disciplines and applied research in one or more areas of the field, providing a background highly valued by both academia and industry. It is an innovative, post-master’s, research doctoral program structured to meet the needs of the practicing computing professional.

We chose a program in “computing,” rather than in CS, IS, or any other specific computer-related discipline, because a narrowly focused program is not as relevant to professionals who understand that computing is a synergistic discipline. Students come from diverse application areas, such as health, education, business, engineering, and data management. They appreciate how the ideas, principles, and practices that they learn can be used among many applications. One goal is that students will apply much of what they are learning immediately in their work.

Diverse Student Body

  • Entering students’ careers extend from 6 to 33 years, with an average among students of approximately 13 years.
  • Professional activities include software development, telecommunications and IT management, data management, and internet engineering with employers such as Verizon, IBM, ITT, Microsoft, MetLife, JPMorgan Chase, Philips Research, AT&T, E*Trade, Brookhaven National Labs, Oracle, Pfizer, and the NY Federal Reserve.


The Professional Doctorate curriculum involves coursework, and dissertation research. The DPS in computing is a 48-credit program, which assumes the prior completion of a master’s degree in computing or a closely related discipline. Research commences in the first year when students begin an 18-credit integrative core and a 6-credit research seminar sequence, and continues through the 12-credit advanced elective sequence in the second year. A 12-credit dissertation completes the 3-year program.

Detailed Curriculum

Admission Criteria

  • Master’s Degree from an accredited university or college with at least a 3.0 GPA
  • At least 5 years work experience in information technology profession
  • Two letters of recommendation- Download Here
  • Personal statement
  • Official Transcript for Undergrad and Graduate
  • Personal interview
  • Ability to learn in both formal academic environment and independent study

Apply Online

For more information on the application process please contact:
Barbara Woodworth, Program Coordinator
D.P.S. in Computing

David Cohen
Graduate Admissions

Financial Information

Total Tuition
Year 1 $22,000
Year 2 $22,000
Year 3 $22,000
Total $66,000

Tuition costs include books. Meals will also be provided for scheduled weekend meetings. Students are responsible for transportation and hotels costs.

Financial commitment from the applicant is an expected component of participation. The School does not expect to provide scholarships or other financial support. A conversation on financial strategy is a typical component of the admissions process.

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For more information about the program please contact:
Barbara Woodworth
, Program Coordinator