Student Testimonials

“The DPS program was the missing piece of the puzzle for my career. As a technology professional for over 20 years, I found that it provided me with the tools, academic rigor, and critical thinking skills that are very difficult to find in professional environments. I have directly applied those concepts to my role as a technology leader and my career has benefited markedly from them.”

– RJ DeStefano, DPS ’16
Vice President, HR Technology & Analytics, Cablevision


“The DPS program is designed to achieve a doctoral degree in computing while working. Going into the DPS program, I wanted my research to focus on driving public cloud adoption. Cloud technologies is forefront and a top priority of the Microsoft CEO (Satya Nadella). My role at Microsoft deals with the Azure domain group. As a result of my research in cloud technologies, obtaining my DPS degree advanced my career at Microsoft. I loved the DPS program, the teachers, the curriculum, the learnings and the attention that was afforded me – all of which enabled me to succeed and realize my dream of obtaining my doctoral degree from a well-known University!”

– Mike Egbert, DPS ’15
Sr. Engagement Manager and Pursuit Lead – Modern Apps, Microsoft


“This doctorate program has a fantastic curriculum that helped me do research and gain experience in new technologies like cloud and cyber security. Also, it provided me with great insight on applicability of agile methodology to large and complex enterprise projects. I created many long-term friends from my class cohort and gained a new perspective to accelerate IT transformations on many of my IT groups. I highly recommend this program to expand your computing and IT technical skills,”

– Maria Azua, DPS ’12
Senior Vice President, Fidelity