The STEM Collaboratory NYC™

What an amazing two weeks we had at the 4th STEM Collaboratory this summer!

STEM Collaboratory NYC fellows worked for two weeks with the Billion Oyster Project to prototype Web Apps that will help elementary school students, teachers and citizen scientists collect and visualize ecological data for their oyster restorations projects.

The summer program was constructed with the Design Thinking methodology and the flipped classroom model. Students got to experience the process of collecting data in the field to gain a unique user perspective. They were also taught how to use HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Google Charts to build a helpful solution for the Billion Oyster Project participants.

What is the STEM Collaboratory NYC?

The STEM Collaboratory NYC was created by Pace University's School of Education and the Seidenberg School of Computer Science and Information Systems in December 2012 to facilitate interdiciplinary research and the exchange of ideas among students, faculty, and staff in STEM disciplines, and to support teaching and learning at the  middle and high-school levels through continued and expanded relationships with public schools in the region.

Our annual STEM Camp is an exciting, two-week, non-residential summer program that invites motivated students in the tri-state area to be our "High School Students in Residence". Students are exposed to an array of subjects in the STEM field that encourage them to develop their interests and skills in a creative and opportunistic environment. Students and mentors take trips to many of New York tech businesses, including Google, Microsoft, and BuzzFeed, as well as exciting local startups. Museums and other tourist attractions also form part of the agenda to form an exciting and rounded experience. 

See you in 2017!

Contact Information:

Olga Bogomolova
Program Manager